Grazalema high in the Sierra de Grazalema

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Welcome to Wildside Holidays Spain…. In the left column of this page (and all pages) you will see links to what we consider to be the finest Spanish based walking and wildlife holiday companies. We believe that a local guide who actually lives and works in the area where the holidays actually take place can give you the very best experience for a holiday of this type in Spain.

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You can still book a walking holiday with us here in Grazalema but we like to share so please look at the other fantastic companies offering excellent value for money walking holidays here in Spain

A little bit about Sue and Clive of Wildside Holidays – Grazalema…
We have lived here (Grazalema) for over 14 years, know every inch of the area and can offer you an authentic ‘Grazalema’ experience.  We offer airport transfers, accommodation, knowledgeable local guides, the best Spanish cuisine and all the information you need to really explore and enjoy this amazing natural park in western Andalusia. The Sierra de Grazalema!

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Clive Muir - Wildside Holidays
Clive Muir – Wildside Holidays

Clive Muir – Webmaster, Coordinator and Walking Guide.
Contrary to popular belief, a webmaster and coordinators job doesn’t always involve sitting at a computer screen!

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Clive spent over 4 years running the tourist information office in the village of Grazalema and dealing with over 2000 visitors to his office every month takes its toll so getting out and about is also important. A published writer, photographer and web designer Clive takes care of the website, bookings and is a great walking guide.

Clive is also the webmaster/administrator and a founding member of the best English language resource for anyone who is interested in the nature, culture and history on Spain.

Sue Eatock - Wildside Holidays walking in Grazalema
Sue Eatock – Wildside Holidays walking in Grazalema

Sue Eatock – Writer, photographer and wildlife habitat expert.
During the ten years that she has lived in Grazalema Sue has been learning about the local animal and plant life. Many visitors come to see the wildflowers (with several local endemic species) and especially the terrestrial orchids, the birdlife, dragonflies and of course the protected Spanish Fir tree (Abies pinsapo).

For some visitors just a glimpse in passing is enough, or perhaps knowing their identity would be rewarding, whilst others will have target species sent in a wish list before their arrival. She adapts to each of these needs, offering as much detail as is enjoyed in an infectious manner.

Her popular photographic exhibitions have focused on what you can see in the mountain range through the seasons. “Studying how our natural surroundings change through the year has taught me what to look for, during which month, and where to go.” This is essential if you are visiting to see specific species – or a great bonus to have the highlights pointed out while you are enjoying the scenery on one of our walks. In addition she is a founding member of where she helps with identifications and information about the nature of Iberia.

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