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Flights to Alicante up until the end of Spring 2018 are now available. MountainWALKS is offering its holidays adaptable to any level of Hiking, Cycling or even just relaxation all year round.

Late availability for our holidays starting on the 27/05 and 03/06 for Spring 2017 with a 50€ discount per person.

Only 4 places remaining on our 16/09/2017 holiday, a fantastic time of year to Spot all kinds of eagles in the Alicante mountains and to take in some of the late summer sun.

For more details on dates please visit our website If you can’t find the dates you are looking for, send us an email to since the date may be available even if not published on our website.

More info at the Facebook page of Mountain Walks

A NASTY INTERLUDE. Yesterday we had a trip down to Fuengirola with Jayne’s Sist…


Yesterday we had a trip down to Fuengirola with Jayne’s Sister Brenda and her husband Keith. We had a walk along the sea front before having a beer, Fish and Chips and then a bit of shopping, all going nicely. We decided then to go to the Theatre where we were going to see Johnny G perform the Elvis Experience so I went to the car to drop the shopping off and the other headed slowly up to the theatre. Just before they arrived the day took a nasty turn when a young lad tried to snatch Jayne’s bag, he made a grab for it but Jayne held on and fort back and when Brenda went in with the fists and Keith tried to get hold of him he ran for it. Luckily the only injury was to Brenda knuckles where she had punched the little shit and he got away with nothing. After a sit down and a G&T the nerves were clamed and we enjoyed the show and did not let this nasty interlude ruin the night. Just pleased Jayne was as strong as she was and Brenda and Keith were as quick.

More info at the Facebook page of Granada Wildlife