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Finding dragonflies and damselflies in Spain

Dragonflies and damselflies in Spain are extremely beautiful insects which capture the very essence of summer as they perform their intricate aerobatics around the gleaming backdrop of rivers and pools on hot sunny days. They are reasonably easy to observe and are also important indicators of the health of our wetlands, being top insect predators both as airborne adults & aquatic larvae. Heres a few lists and places for finding dragonflies and damselflies in Spain

For those with an interest in observing and photographing these insect jewels, August is definately the best month. Many people avoid Spain during the peak of summer due to the intense heat (which may be hovering around the high 30’s and low 40’s) so, you’ll have the countryside pretty much to yourself. The scent of hot pine resin, gum cistus and the baked appearance of the area is quite different from the spring wild flower season just a few months earlier and is an experience in itself.

During a few days visit in August you should expect to see around 15 species of Dragonfly and Damselfly and in some cases you may even be rewarded with upwards of 10 species in just a single location including emperors and goldenrings along with damselflies such as the beautifull copper demoiselle and Iberian blue tails…

Nothing beats quietly paddling through a small stream during the intense heat of the summer with the cicadas trilling from the trees and the sun beating down. 🙂

Finding dragonflies and damselflies in Spain. A list from the Sierra de Grazalema.

This is a list of dragonflies and damselflies of the Sierra de Grazalema area. It was compiled by Sue Eatock who runs Nature Plus – Grazalema

If you would like some help and pointers for finding dragonflies and damselflies in Spain (such as where to find the best dragonfly spots.)Just get in touch with Sue: https://wildsideholidays.co.uk/nature-plus-grazalema/


Confirmed Identification = ” *”

Not confirmed = “¿ “

Not Seen = “-“

  • Aeshna mixta Migrant Hawker*
  • Aeshna cyanea Southern Hawker*
  • Anax imperator Emperor Dragonfly*
  • Anax parthenope Lesser Emperor*
  • Anax Ephippiger Vagrant Emperor-
  • Boyeria irene Western Spectre*
  • Gomphus graslinii Pronged Clubtail*
  • Gomphus simillimus Yellow Clubtail-
  • Gomphus pulchellus Western Clubtail*
  • Onychogomphus uncatus Large Pincertail*
  • Onychgomphus forcipatus Small Pincertail*
  • Onychgomphus costae Faded Pincertail-
  • Paragomphus genei Green Hooktail-
  • Cordulegaster boltonii Common Goldenring*
  • Oxygastra curtisii Orange Spotted Emerald*
  • Macromia splendens Splendid Cruiser-
  • Libellula depressa Broad Bodied Chaser *
  • Orthetrum cancellatum Black-Tailed Skimmer*
  • Orthetrum coerulescens Keeled Skimmer*
  • Orthetrum brunneum Southern Skimmer*
  • Orthetrum chrysostigma Epaulet Skimmer*
  • Sympetrum fonscolombii Red Veined Darter*
  • Sympetrum striolatum Common Darter*
  • Sympetrum meridionale Southern Darter*
  • Sympetrum sinaiticum Desert Darter*
  • Crocothemis erythraea Broad Scarlet*
  • Trithemis annulata Violet Dropwing*
  • Trithemis kirbyi Orange Winged Dropwing*
  • Brachythemis leucosticta Banded Groundling*
  • Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis Copper Demoiselle*
  • Lestes barbarus Migrant Spreadwing-
  • Lestes viridis Western Willow Spreadwing*
  • Sympecma fusca Common Winter Damsel*
  • Ishnura graellsii Iberian Bluetail*
  • Ishnura pumilio Small Bluetail-
  • Enallagama cyathigerum Common Blue Damselfly*
  • Coenagrion mercuriale Mercury Bluet –
  • Coenagrion scitulum Dainty Damselfly¿
  • Erythromma viridulum Small Redeye-
  • Erythromma lindenii Blue-Eye Damselfly*
  • Pyrrhosoma nymphula Large Red Damselfly*
  • Pyrrhosoma tenellum Small Red Damselfly-
  • Platycnemis acutipennis Orange Featherleg*
  • Platycnemis latipes White Featherleg*

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