2016 New year walking and nature holiday

Wildside Holidays has a few placed left for our 2015/2016 new years walking and nature holiday.


Following on from the success and popularity of our mixed guided and self guided trips this holiday consists of 3 guided and 2 self guided walks in the stunning Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park.

Accommodation in a centrally located hotel in the beautiful village of Grazalema, breakfast, picnics and evening meals with wine included. The night of new years eve is a very lively celebration here in Grazalema so on the 31st we have a new years special menu supplied by our favorite restaurant in Grazalema, the Meson Simancon.

Please contact clive@grazalemaguide.com for more information as soon as possible to ensure you send out the old and bring in the new year with us here in Grazalema.

November – EARLY WINTER – Landscapes, Spanish Ibex, wintering and resident birds.

On a clear, crisp day the rewards are high in the mountains. Walking along a narrow path surrounded by mature trees, you will be steadily gaining in height, take a moment to look back over the valleys and white villages, now scattered beneath. The vistas will have you stopping at every turn to breathe them in. Above is an array of rugged peaks and grazing on the slopes, camouflaged amongst the rocks and shrubs, are Spanish Ibex. The males are standing proud as the test begins to see which one will become head of the herd. Continue reading November – EARLY WINTER – Landscapes, Spanish Ibex, wintering and resident birds.

February – Plants of the month

February Wildflowers are always a welcome sight, especially through the winter months, as coupled with the birds beginning to sing they show us that spring is near. Almond trees in blossom are the most noticeable in shades of pink and white, along with the Paperwhite narcissus, Branched asphodels and Broad-leaved iris as each can create swathes of colour across pastures. The much smaller flowered Andaluz storksbill and field marigolds also cover  large areas in pink and golden yellow. Continue reading February – Plants of the month

Summer insects in the Sierra de Grazalema

Summer time is when many insects reach the adult phase of their life. They may have spent months, even years as a larva, drab in colour and unable to move far, possibly living underwater or underground. Now, in this last stage of their lifecycle, they might be brightly coloured, able to fly or to emit sounds and so they become more obvious to us. Insects are a very important part of the food chain on which we depend. Continue reading Summer insects in the Sierra de Grazalema

The Stone Pine, an iconic tree of the Mediterranean

This evergreen tree is most easily recognized by its outline, the dense crown is almost a round globe in young specimens whereas in older trees it is shaped like a wide spread parasol, supported on large, elegant radial branches. It originates from the Mediterranean area and is popular there and elsewhere as a cultivated tree. It is favoured both for its attractive form and edible pine kernels. For around 6000 years pine nuts have been collected as nutritional snacks! Continue reading The Stone Pine, an iconic tree of the Mediterranean

Short-toed Eagles in the natural park of Grazalema

March brings a great joy for lovers of these spectacular birds when yet again they have made it across the Strait of Gibraltar to their breeding grounds in Europe. The first single birds start appearing at the end of February but the massive migration comes in March, when clouds of birds can be seen entering continental Europe.

This Eagle´s appearance and its habits make it a treat to watch, whether you are a seasoned birder, a casual nature lover or a walker who maybe has never seen an eagle before.  Once you have spotted this easy-to-identify, pale, graceful silhouette against the blue Andalucían sky, hovering like a kestrel while scanning the limestone rocks and scrub to find prey, you just may become a life-long fan. Continue reading Short-toed Eagles in the natural park of Grazalema

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