September – EARLY AUTUMN SUNSHINE – Southerly bird migration, a good time to watch Bee-eaters, Short-toed eagles and Booted eagles.

The temperature begins to cool and, if we have had rain, then the ground will soften, giving way from dried straw colours to a soft green as plants sprout anew after their summer dormancy. Some of the flowers we can see now are Round-leaved fluellin, Common ivy, Fennel, Rosemary, White asparagus, Apple mint and Maritime squill. A range of fruits and berries begin to ripen, which can add a surprising splash of colour; Sloe, Blackberry, Hawthorn, Laurustinus, Peony, Turpentine Tree and Strawberry tree.

There are many insects which only live for one summer, they will now have reached maturity and be laying eggs which will hatch in the coming spring. Reptiles will continue to enjoy sunbathing and snacking on a plentiful supply of insects.