The best place to see wolves in Spain is in the rolling hills of the Sierra de la Culebra.

Wild Wolf Experience

Wild Wolf Experience


Life-long naturalists, John and Margaret Hallowell are the husband and wife team behind the Wild Wolf Experience and through organising independent wolf watching and wildlife tours in Spain they are able to share their knowledge of the mammals and birdlife of the country.

Wild Wolf Experience tours do not operate with large groups of people owing to the secretive nature of the Iberian wolf, bear and lynx and the company holds a firm belief that responsible eco-tourism is one solution to help the conservation of Spain’s apex predators and their habitat.

Three wildlife tours are available and are centred on different parts of the Spanish mainland.
Wild Wolf Experience destinations
Wild Wolf Experience destinations

Watching for Wolves operates throughout the year and is based in the Sierra de la Culebra in the far north west of Spain. The Sierra de la Culebra has recently been declared a Biosphere Reserve, which also includes the Duero Gorge.

Browsing for Bears is based in Northern Spain, in the region of Asturias. This tour operates in Spring and late Summer.

Looking for Lynx features the area of Sierra de Andujar in northern Andalucia. This tour operates from September to mid-May.

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  1. hello do you have availability for a wildlife tour this week? we are in someido on Tuesday and Wednesday and then go to pico de europa Wednesday and Thursday thanks

    1. Hi Louise.

      This company (as far as I know) are not providing tours at the moment. However, you say that you are in Somiedo so have you seen this company:

      Also, if you are then in the Picos de Europa then: and I am sure that Lisa can help you get the best out of a visit!

      Have a great trip and let me know how you get on.

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