Granada wildlife with Mich Richardson

Granada Wildlife

Granada Wildlife offer guided tours in this wonderful and diverse area of Spain. Day tours are centered on the area to the West of the city of Granada, around the province’s second town, Loja.

Just an hour from the coast this area has a fantastic mix of habitats, ranging from high mountain tops, reed beds, open water, woodland, mediterranean scrub and agricultural plains. The local guide not only has nearly 40 years experience of birding in the UK and Europe but he also has a vast knowledge of the great variety of orchids, dragonflies, moths, butterflies and other wildlife found in the area.

Tours are tailored to suit you. Either aimed at people with a general interest in wildlife who just want to get a view of what is here or for the experienced birder, botanist or entomologist  who want to track down that elusive target species. The aim is to show nature at its best with minimum impact on the local environment.

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