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G3 nature guides in Andalusia

Welcome to G3 nature guides in Andalusia, your gateway to ecotourism, nature exploration, and cultural immersion in the stunning landscapes of Andalusia, Spain. Dedicated to providing unique experiences for travelers, nature enthusiasts, and families who seek to connect with the natural world and rural life.

G3 Nature Guides commitment lies in harmonizing our actions with environmental sustainability and respect for local traditions. Guided trips include wolf and bear watching in Cantabria, Iberian lynx, Doñana wetlands, dragonflies in Andalucia and general wildlife watching in Spain.

Meet Florent, Your Biologist and Nature Guide
Andalusian Nature Guides

Allow us to introduce Florent, a seasoned biologist and nature guide with over two decades of experience. His expertise spans entomology and aquatic environments, and he has been passionately introducing people to the wonders of nature in Andalusia, Spain. Not only is he a nature guide, but he’s also a Taichi-Chuan teacher, bringing a holistic approach to your exploration.

G3 nature guides in Andalusia prioritize personalized and intimate experiences. Whether you’re interested in a multi-day adventure or a day of exploration, they tailor each journey to your preferences. Avoiding the monotony of repetitive tours, they add a unique touch to every experience.

Andalusian Nature Guides
For more information, contact and reservation details see the Andalusian Nature Guides website:
Choosing Nature Guides: Why should you rely on a nature guide for your trips? Here are some key reasons:
  • Save Time: Navigating a new region can be time-consuming; guides streamline this process.
  • Local Expertise: Guides curate itineraries and know the ins and outs of each excursion, making your trip memorable.
  • Access to Natural Wonders: Guides will take you to the most captivating natural spots, tailored to the seasons.
  • Safety and Support: Guides are your safety net, ready to assist with logistics and handle any issues that arise during your trip.
  • Personalized Experience: Trips adapted to your physical abilities, help with challenging terrain, and ensure you get the best views.
  • Wildlife Knowledge: Share insights about species, their rarity, and ecology, catering to all levels of expertise.
  • Observation Equipment: Guides come equipped with high-quality optics for detailed wildlife observation.
  • Cultural Immersion: Discover local culture, expressions, foreign language, and regional recipes with local guides.

For more information, contact and reservation details see the G3 nature guides in Andalusia website


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  1. Thank you Clive for advertising G3 nature guides. You are doing a great job with spreading the message of ecotourism in Spain and Andalusia. I am really pleased to be referenced in your site… I have seen it grow and it is very nice to be a (very small) part of this adventure.

    I will be happy to guide interested parties for ‘Nature trips in Andalusia and beyond’ (check my newsletter)… ranging from relaxed ecotours to intensive naturalist trips.

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