Black Vulture - aegypius monachus

Birds and Birdwatching in Spain

There are a little over 600 individual species of bird that can be found in Iberia. (The avifauna of Spain included a total of 613 species recorded in the wild by 2019 according to Sociedad Española de Ornitología (SEO/BirdLife.)

Of the many reasons that Iberia has such a diverse array of bird life, the combination of landscapes and climate contribute highly and also, being at the western most point of Europe and given the proximity to Africa at the southern tip, many of these birds are passing through on their migrations.

A good selection of these birds remain specifically for the summer breeding season. Alternatively, another collection of birds arrive in Iberia to spend the winter season in warmer climes from the north and east. Therefore there is a regular change of the temporary birds which accompany those which we call resident.

There are birds that come only from Iberia and do not leave, such as the Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) and the Blue Chaffinch (Fringilla teydea). Both of these have been declining in numbers and are on the endangered list to receive highest protection. There are other species such as the Lammergeier (Gypaetus barbatus) that suffered such losses across Europe that reintroduction programs in Spain are in place to ensure their continuation here.

Over the years Spain has become very popular for birdwatching holidays and there are quite a few companies devoted to ornithology so rather than writing yet another species list for Spain (Many already exist and can be found easily just by googling “Bird List Spain”) I thought that this page would just recommend some of the companies that can help you get the best out of a birdwatching holiday in Spain.

I’ll also link to the dedicated articles that I occasionally write about birds and birdwatching in Spain.

Birding, nature and wildlife tours in Andalucia

Located near Tarifa in Andalucia and putting you right at the epicentre of birding in The Strait of Gibraltar. With Inglorious Bustards you can experience the incredible event of bird migration.

Wild Andalucia – Wildlife and Birdwatching

Wild Andalucia lead birding and wildlife tours in central and southern Spain, including classical destinations such as Extremadura, Doñana Natural Park and the Straits of Gibraltar, among many other renown birding spots such as the Sierra de Grazalema and mountains of Ronda.

Granada Wildlife

Granada Wildlife offer guided tours in this wonderful and diverse area of Spain. Day tours are centered on the area to the West of the city of Granada, around the province’s second town, Loja.

Iberian Wildlife Tours

Tailor-made Wildlife Tours in Spain

Iberian Wildlife Tours offer guided natural history holidays that will take you in search of birds, butterflies and wildflowers in the stunningly beautiful surroundings of Andalusia (Andalucía), the Picos de Europa, the Spanish Pyrenees, Extremadura, Catalonia (Catalunya) and western Portugal, to name but a few of their carefully selected Spanish and Portuguese destinations.

Spanish bird information articles and links.

Spain has to rate as one of the best countries in in Europe for bird and wildlife watching. A destination with over 15 million hectares of protected areas and natural parks plus Spain is a strategic location on the avian migratory routes between Europe to Africa

Read here my top 10 of where to have a birding holiday in Spain

The griffon vultures of Grazalema

Visible all year in the natural Park of Grazalema this bird is larger than an eagle, with a wingspan of up to 260 cm (8.53 Ft.)

Griffon Vulture – Gyps fulvus – Buitre Leonado

Bearded vultures of the hight mountains

Only liveing in high mountainous areas, usually between 500 to 4000m, preferring ledges on steep cliffs. They can be seen soaring through valleys in search for food. This can be live prey, carrion or the better known habit of breaking bones by dropping them from a great height onto rocks. This exposes the nutrient rich marrow and splinters the bone into smaller pieces which are also eaten.

Bearded Vulture – Gypaetus barbatus – Quebrantahuesos

The Grazalema Guide

The best way to see all our web projects in one place is over at the Grazalema Guide.

The Grazalema Guide – Tourist Information Portal for the Sierra de Grazalema, Wildside Holidays, The town of Ronda and the Caminito del Rey.

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