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Iberia Nature Forum

Well, the Iberia Nature Forum continues to (re) grow and it’s great to see a few people taking some time away from the major social networks to add their input to a fully searchable forum (Where your posts don’t get lost) about the wildlife and natural history of Spain.

Black Vulture - aegypius monachus
Black Vulture – aegypius monachus

The photo above is of a black vulture with news appearing on various channels today of this species nesting in Aragón for the first time in 100 years….. 🙂

Some great photos

Spring is in the air and its great to see some excellent images uploaded to the forum by Susanne…

Rules about dogs in natural parks?

An interesting question and topic about rules and regulations for dogs out and about in natural parks which we can’t seem to get to the bottom of…..

Diclofenac has killed Spanish vultures

Such a shame to see that the diclofenac topic rears its ugly head again with the news that vultures are dying in Spain due to diclofenac poisoining. (Diclofenac was approved in Spain and other European nations in recent years because farmers, drug companies and regulators argued that cattle carcasses were disposed of differently in Europe than in India. This meant vultures would not be able to eat meat tainted with diclofenac.)….

Anyone seen a slow worm?

And on a lighter note, have you ever seen a slow worm in Spain and how far south was it?…..

Take care, have a great winter and hope to see you soon on the Iberia Nature Forum!

The Iberia nature Forum

Big news this week is that we have decided to relaunch the Iberia Nature Forum.

Does a forum still have a place in this world of facebook, twitter and instagram? I think it does so please feel free to register

Sharing nature is a pleasure. It´s contagious and it´s exhilarating, it´s healthy and it´s worthwhile, no matter what your age or nationality, it´s a common language and quite possibly the easiest to learn.

With everyones help we can continue to meet in the meadows and mountains of Spain to speak this special language and enjoy the days ahead.

Please help the forum to grow by sharing with your friends and family the re launch of the Iberia Nature Forum

Forum: https://iberianatureforum.com/