News from the Iberia Nature Forum

News from the Iberia Nature Forum

Well, it looks like the blistering summer of 2022 is coming to an end? Temperatures across the Iberian peninsular are begining to drop and with a bit of luck over the next few weeks we might even get a bit of rain to dampen off the parched ground and give a bit of respite to the wildife struggling with the drought conditions. So here’s a bit of news from the Iberia Nature Forum.

Lots of new topics at the Iberia Nature Forum and the news that the young bearded vulture that hatched in Andalucia just over a year ago has made it all the way to North Africa is great for the people behind the project. This is the first recorded migration for a bearded vulture in over 50 years. Check out the sat map of “Boni’s” journey here:

A recent road trip through Castilla la Mancha and a visit to the Ciudad Encantada in Cuenca. What a fantastic place! Anyone else been there?

The ever troubled Tablas de Daimiel National park is still struggling. To be honest, one wonders how much longer they will keep the protected park status if the decline continues :

Any tips for finding ancient trees in Spain? Some links and info here but always great to hear of more:

Why not take a break from “social networks” and join in with the talk at the Iberia Nature Forum? No ads, no popups… Just quiet conversations about the wildlife, culture and geology of Iberia.

See you soon!

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