Plantlife in Spain

Plantlife in Spain

Descending from high mountain peaks of plentiful alpine flora and descending through the multitude of botanical layers influenced by both Mediterranean and Atlantic habitats, The plantlife in Spain is a botanists dream.

From damp valleys to cliffs hit by the salty spray of ocean currents. Dry plains. Rolling hills or jagged mountains and on to the gentle Mediterranean sea and fixed sand dunes.

A few books about wild plants in Spain (and Europe)

Over 9000 species of trees and plants have adapted to these conditions, even in the most inhospitable situations.

The Atlantic weather strongly affects the plants of the north, many of these being shared with the neighbouring European countries. Trees such as Oak, Beech and Birch may be accompanied with Heather, Bracken and Wild rose.

Travel to the south and the climate changes to where you are more likely to see Aleppo pine, Cork oak, Umbrella pine with Lygos, European fan palm and Gum cistus.

Spain holds many plant wealthy pockets that have long been isolated, creating endemics to be discovered no where else in the world. The mountain ranges of the Pyrenees, Picos de Europa and Sierra Nevada captivate the botanist and nature lover alike.

More information about individual plants can be found on the following pages.

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  • Orchids in Spain The Mediterranean species of orchids (Orchids in Spain) are all terrestrial (unlike the flamboyant tropical species that grow in tree hollows termed epiphytic.)
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They are under constant scrutiny by biologists and it seems are constantly being renamed and re categorized.

Grasses in Spain

The fascinating history of esparto grass. exported in massive quantities the 1900’s for paper production in Britain and used to create many household items.

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