Biospheres in Spain - Sierra de las Nieves National Park

Trees in Spain

Most plants are relatively short lived but trees can live for several hundred and some more than a thousand years, constantly replenishing their leaves whether they are deciduous or evergreen. Technically a tree is a woody perennial with a single trunk from which branches then form. They are the largest plants on our planet and we rely heavily on them for many things such as; fruit and nuts, building materials, paper pulp, rubber, resin, and fuel for burning.

Without sufficient trees, damage from flooding would be more devastating and the desertification process would develop unchecked as they protect and hold the soil. They also provide decaying matter in the form of leaf drop which enriches the soil, this in turn allows other plants and organisms to live. The shelter and food that they offer to birds, insects and mammals is of great importance to the balance of our eco-system.

And perhaps most importantly they protect the world’s climate by absorbing carbon dioxide, trees are often termed as the lungs of our planet.

On the Iberian peninsular the woodlands and forests are made up of approximately 80 species of tree, 74 indigenous and 6 have been introduced. The Evergreen Oak is probably the most widespread species throughout the peninsular. There are numerous other varieties used as decoration in cities, towns, parks and gardens including such exotics as Palm trees, Catalpa and Rubber trees for instance. Some of these exotic species are also naturalising in localised areas.

Interesting tree species and forest in Spain

Forests and woods in Spain

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