The Macronesia Wildlife Adventure

Macaronesia Wildlife Adventure

Discover the flora and fauna in one of the most remote regions of the planet with Macaronesia Wildlife Adventure. 7 days of pure oceanic sailing , from Madeira to Lanzarote, this experience combines an amazing landscape with the sighting of birds and cetaceans in their natural habitat.

Route of Macronesia Wildlife Adventure
Route of Macronesia Wildlife Adventure

This group of islands is one of the most precious destinations for bird and nature lovers and perfect for all those animal enthusiasts who are keen on discovering new species in their natural habitat.

Without a doubt, this region is a paradise for ornithologists, although it offers much more. The bottlenose dolphin, spotted dolphins, striped dolphins, and common ones are the most frequent in the region. Cetaceans are the other great protagonist of the different islands that compose this group. Whales species such as gray and tropical pilot whales, sperm whales, killer whales… The marine diversity is spectacular.

A complete fleet of boats is available and all of them prepared for ocean navigation. They are governed by local professional skippers who have great experience of the deep Atlantic waters in the area.

Sailing with the Macronesia Wildlife Adventure
Sailing with the Macronesia Wildlife Adventure

Also of great interest are the two free eboooks available. (Download them from the website here)

  • Birds and cetaceans in the Macronesia. The definitive guide to discover bird and cetacean species in the Macaronesian region, including the main characteristics and origin of the landscape they inhabit.
  • Navigation in the Macaronesian Region. Navigation notes and all the meteorological information that you need to know before setting sail to one of the most beautiful sailing routes of our planet.

All the information you need to reserve a 7 day wildlife sailing trip can be found on the website and facebook pages of Macaronesia Wildlife Adventure,


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