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Sustainable rural and wildlife tourism in Spain is a major key to wildlife and habitat protection. There are many studies showing how wildlife tourism can impact local economies, habitats and the wildlife it contains in a very positive way.

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5 Natural monuments in Extremadura

The landscape in this part of central Spain is shaped by the mountain ranges of the Cordillera Central, Montes de Toledo and the Sierra Morena (which is on its southern border with Andalucia). Fertile plains surround the large bodies of water supplied by the Tajo river in Cáceres and the Guadiana in the low lands of Badajoz. Apart from some fantastic natural parks (https://wildsideholidays.co.uk/natural-parks-in-extremadura/) there are quite a few other places to visit such as the 5 natural monuments in Extremadura (Monumentos naturales de Extremadura)

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The dehesa of Extremadura

The region of Extremadura is about the same size as Switzerland and is made up of two large, sparsely-populated provinces – Cáceres and Badajoz. Passing through Extremadura you may well encounter areas containing splendid oak trees. They appear at first glance to be a natural landscape with majestic trees scattered over rolling hills, but in fact they are carefully cultivated and managed. This is the dehesa of Extremadura.

Dehesa” is the name given to these expansive areas of farmland consisting of groves of low density, mature oak trees. The spaces between the trees are used to cultivate cereals and as pasture for grazing livestock.

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Cornalvo and Sierra Bermeja

  • Region: Extremadura
  • Province: Badajoz
  • Declared a Natural Park: 2004
  • Park surface area: 11,601 hectares
  • ZEPA (Zona Especial Protección para las Aves) (1979)

Points of interest

The Natural Park of Cornalvo and Sierra Bermeja is situated close to Mérida, the capital of Extremadura.

It consists mainly of oak dehesas, (open oak woodland rotated with pasture and cereal crops) on rolling hills with the small mountain ranges of the Sierra del Moro and Sierra Bermeja on the western flank. The highest point is “Pico Terrero” at 546 m above sea level.

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Tajo International

  • Region: Extremadura
  • Province: Cáceres
  • Declared a Natural Park: 2006
  • Park surface area: 25.088 hectares
  • ZEPA 2000. Tajo Internacional y Riberos

Points of interest

The Tajo International natural park is a relatively recently registered park in Extremadura which was initially partly covered by an area of special protection for birds ZEPA in 2000.

The area is predominantly waterways with steep banks and therefore a haven for wildlife. Two birds in particular that need this tranquility are the Black vulture and Black stork, both of which are endangered species in Spain.

Mediterranean woodland covers the hills with rich vegetation along the water courses.

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Take a trip on the Wildside! Discover the wildlife and nature of Spain, its Natural and National Parks and find the top wildlife, activity and walking holiday companies in Spain.