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Preserving Spain’s Natural Paradises: Unveiling the Threats to National Parks

In the wake of a groundbreaking agreement between the Junta de Andalucía and the Spanish Government concerning the renowned Doñana National Park, a stark reality surfaces for all 16 of Spain’s ecological gems.

Despite a substantial multi million-Euro investment in Doñana, the remaining national parks in Spain grapple with a spectrum of challenges, spanning from drought and unbridled tourism to wildfires and the encroachment of invasive species.

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Sierras de Tejeda Almijara y Alhama

  • Region: Andalucia
  • Provinces: Granada / Málaga
  • Declared a Natural Park: 1999
  • Park surface area: 40,663 hectares
  • Z.E.P.A
Points of interest

The parkland of Sierras de Tejeda Almijara y Alhama is limited in the south east by the Mediterranean sea and rises in craggy mountains towards the north west. 52% of the park is in Granada province with 48% in Málaga province. The combination of altitudes and from sea shore to the peak of La Maroma at 2,080m encourages a diversity of vegetation, including some endemic species.

Add to this that the geological structure changes between limestone giving rise to dolomitic marble, quartzite and gneiss, which each hold different plant ranges. When the marble is eroded by the weather a very fine white sand is left.

Promo video from the Sedella town hall in the Sierras de Tejeda Almijara y Alhama natural park.
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Sierra Mágina

  • Region: Andalucia
  • Province: Jaén
  • Declared a Natural Park: 1989
  • Park surface area: 19,961 hectares

Points of interest

There are three peaks over 2000m within the Sierra Mágina park. The highest is Mágina which stands at 2,165m and dominates the limestone terrain. This area is part of the Cordillera Subbetica range and along with other mountains in the area has a selection of highly specialized plants that are endemic to the park.

The exposed rocky peaks, vertical cliffs, shaded woodland, river banks and extensive Olive and Almond groves each offer a different habitat.

The “Pinar de Cánavas” is a natural monument south of the village of Jimena. It is a small woodland of exceptionally large, centennial Aleppo pines (Pinus halepensis).

A short video showing the town of Albanchez de Mágina in the Sierra de Mágina
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Sierra de Castril

  • Region: Andalucia
  • Province: Granada
  • Declared a Natural Park: 1989
  • Park surface area: 12,696 hectares
  • ZEPA in 2002

Points of interest

The Sierra de Castril, a limestone massif, is part of the Sierra Bética mountain range. Altitudes vary between 855 and 2138m with spectacular scenery holding caves and cliffs shaped by water erosion. The main river, Castril, flows from the north to south of the park added to which there are many natural springs, streams and waterfalls.

The western boundary of the park meets with the neighbouring natural park of Sierra de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas in Jaen province.

There are two outstanding cave formations, both in the Sierra Seca area of the park. The Cueva de Don Fernando is Granada’s largest cave and the second biggest in Andalucia. This 2.5km long cave drops to an amazing 241m below sea level. The Cueva del Muerto has spectacular stalactites and stalagmite formations. (Visit the information centre in Castril to find out more. See below)

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