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The Best Paradors in Natural Parks of Spain

The Best Paradors in Natural Parks of Spain are a collection of state-run hotels that offer a unique and unforgettable experience to their guests. They were founded in 1928 by King Alphonso XIII, who wanted to promote tourism and preserve the country’s cultural heritage. The paradors are located in historic buildings that reflect the rich and diverse history of Spain, such as medieval castles, Moorish fortresses, ancient monasteries, palaces and stately homes. Each parador has its own charm and personality, as well as modern amenities and services.

Many paradors are set in the heart of town and city centres, where they blend in with the local architecture and culture. Others are situated within large estates and stunning natural parks, where they offer spectacular views and access to nature. There are now over 90 paradors in Spain, covering different regions and landscapes. They all have a commitment to environmental protection and cultural restoration projects, which makes them an ideal addition to the Wildside Holidays project. By staying in a parador, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: comfort and luxury in a historic setting, as well as adventure and exploration in a natural setting.

Most of Spain’s national and natural parks have a Parador close by… Doñana National Park, the Picos De Europa National Park, the Sierra de Cazorla Natural Park, the Parque National del Teide, The Sierra de Grazalema (Ronda)

These Paradors are situated perfectly for exploring some of the most stunning natural areas of Spain.

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