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News from Wildside Holidays and the Iberia Nature Forum

Heres some News from Wildside Holidays and the Iberia Nature Forum. (November 2023 newsletter.)

The Wildside Holidays Facebook Prize Draw

Enhance your nature-filled adventure with a chance to win a 100 Euro Get Your Guide gift voucher! Participate in the Wildside Holidays Facebook Prize Draw. Follow the simple instructions on the Wildside Holidays Facebook page for a shot at this exciting giveaway. The prize can be used world wide and is transferable so could also make a great Christmas gift!

The Wildside Holidays YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel is flourishing with captivating shorts, films, and promotional videos covering wildlife, culture, music, and more. Have a video or clip you’d like to share? Email us, and we’ll publish it promptly with live links directed to your website. If you have videos on other platforms, consider expanding your reach by featuring them on our YouTube channel.

Wildside Holidays Site Traffic Update

Exciting news! Wildside Holidays is experiencing remarkable growth in site traffic. In the past 28 days, we’ve achieved over 100,000 search impressions and 10,000 clicks, especially on dedicated wildlife and natural park pages. Quality content is at the heart of our success, reflecting in these impressive search stats.

Thank you for being part of the Wildside Holidays community. Your passion for nature and sustainable travel fuels our collective journey.

The Iberia Nature Forum

We have fantastic news to share— the Iberia Nature Forum is now available as an Android app! Experience the beauty of nature on the go. Check out how to download it here or head straight to the Google Play Store and search for “Iberia Nature Forum.”

Join the Iberia Nature Forum: Where Nature, Culture, and Community Thrive
  1. A Remarkable Wolf Pair in Aragón: In the picturesque region of Aragón, a unique wolf couple has captured the attention of wildlife enthusiasts. This extraordinary pairing involves a male wolf from Italy and a female wolf native to Spain, making it the only known case of its kind. Their coexistence in Aragón could hold the key to enriching the wolf population. Read more.
  2. The Rock Hyrax Connection in Valencia’s BIOPARC: Uncover the fascinating link between Hispania and a unique creature, the rock hyrax, in the heart of Valencia’s BIOPARC. Could this mammal be the connection to the very name of Spain itself? Discover more.
  3. European Bison’s Dramatic Comeback in Andalucia: After being reduced to single figures across its territory, the European bison has made a dramatic comeback, thanks to intensive conservation efforts and “rewilding” projects. Catch up on the latest news about bison in Spain here.
Join the Iberia Nature Forum: Where Nature, Culture, and Community Thrive

Stay connected, stay informed, and let the nature adventures continue!

Ronda Today

Everything you need to know before you visit Ronda “The city of dreams” in Andalucia.

Visit Cádiz

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Wildside Holidays – Spain

Take a trip on the Wildside! Discover the wildlife and nature of Spain, its Natural and National Parks and find the top wildlife, activity and walking holiday companies.

Iberia Nature Forum

Discover the Iberia Nature Forum – Environment, geography, nature, landscape, climate, culture, history, rural tourism and travel.

December newsletter to our advertisers! (and guests) :)

Hi all!

Well, 2022 is almost at its end so from Wildlside Holidays we would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a booking calendar full to the brim for the continuing winter and coming spring season!

Our YouTube channel is proving to be a huge bonus. Its driving visitors to our website with some of the videos now approaching 10,000 views!… Anything connected to the wildlife, history, culture or landscapes of Spain can be published and, of course, includes a link to your project. 360 degree views, waterfalls, walking, nature, cycling, anything :)…..Just drop us a line and we’ll get it published. Did you see the amazing footage by Sue Eatock of the mantis eating the lizard? (almost 1000 views in just a couple of weeks!)

Wildside Holidays continues to grow in traffic and content and we are always happy to accept articles and observations about your “neck of the woods”. Any articles or images will of course be credited to, and linked to your project. Take a look at the wildlife, protected areas and natural parks published. Maybe you can add an image or a comment?. Easy to find by region in the right column. (Just scroll on a mobile 🙂 ) Or, types of wildlife in the top menu.

It would be fantastic if you could spread the word and share Wildside Holidays with your friends and family via twitter, facebook or whatever social media you use…. Linking to or your information page would be greatly appreciated! (Look in the left column for your project and don’t forget to tell us if anything needs changing!).

The Iberia Nature Forum

Finally some welcome rain and cooler weather has arrived and the Iberia Nature Forum, as always, has some great topics for reading and learning about the nature of Spain. Why not give facebook and twitter a rest for a while and join in with a quiet place without algorithms and advertising? 🙂 You can be sure that the topic you were looking at last week will still be easy to find next week!

Some fantastic news for black vultures in Spain

If you haven’t seen the video, then really you should have a look at these fantastic dolphins and the people who study them.

The usual dopey and under researched press in recent weeks states that the extinct bucardo is back in ordesa… Ummm, no!

And, the absolutely fantastic footage taken by Sue Eatock of the “Mantis eating a lizard”. The first time that this has been filmed (in Spain) and, in the wild, not captivity.