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Natural Spaces in Murcia

Natural Spaces in Murcia (Espacio Natural) are areas of the natural environment that due to their aesthetic and cultural values need special protection in order to preserve both the natural environment and the human acticities connected with it.

Espacio Natural Cañón de Almadenes

This area covers two kilometers on the Quípar river and nine on the Segura river and is around 116 hectares close to the towns of Calasparra and Cieza. Some points of the gorge are quite narrow with vertical walls over a hundred meters high.

There is a reservoir called La Mulata, which causes a significant decrease in the flow of the river so the continuous water course is sometimes reduced to a group of ponds (especially in the summer months). The bulk of the flow is diverted to the Almadenes Hydroelectric Plant, located further downstream. However, at the exit of the power plant the water is fed back into the Segura river.

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Marine reserves in Murcia

There are two marine reserves in Murcia that are famous worldwide for the quality of the diving available. The purpose of marine reserve areas is to protect marine ecosystems with differentiated ecological characteristics and which are of special interest for the regeneration of fishery resources.

Reserva marina de Cabo de Palos e Islas Hormigas.

In 1995, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA), and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Region of Murcia created this marine reserve based on studies carried out by the Autonomous Community and the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.

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Natural monuments (Monumentos naturales) in Murcia

Some areas have been declared as Natural monuments (Monumentos naturales) in Murcia. A natural monument is a natural element of singular landscape, geological, historical or other value (even symbolic value) for example a hundred-year-old tree, a singular forest, a cave or an island. Natural Monuments are normally outside the limits of other protected areas such as natural parks.

Monte Arabí (Located at the town of Yecla)

Mount Arabí is a mountainous area located in the municipality of Yecla in the province of Murcia. Its altitude is 1068 meters above sea level.

The most remarkable natural values ​​of the Arabí are the important and unique geomorphological formations forged by physical and chemical weathering. The result is a characteristic honeycomb pattern. In addition to a karst modeling, forming lapiaces, chasms and caves, such as the Cueva del Tesoro and the Cueva de la Horadada.

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Protected landscapes (Paisajes protegidos) in Murcia

Protected landscapes (Paisajes protegidos) in Murcia are relatively small areas that for their ecological, habitat or other special reason such as the presence of specific types of wildlife are give some level of protection. Sometimes, but not always, they fall within the limits of a natural or regional park area. This is normally due to the expansion of the natural park territory. Very often they are located in areas where human actions has either damaged in the past or continues to damage the ecosystem creating a need for an environmental protection plan.

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