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Natural monuments (Monumentos naturales) in Murcia

Some areas have been declared as Natural monuments (Monumentos naturales) in Murcia. A natural monument is a natural element of singular landscape, geological, historical or other value (even symbolic value) for example a hundred-year-old tree, a singular forest, a cave or an island. Natural Monuments are normally outside the limits of other protected areas such as natural parks.

Monte Arabí (Located at the town of Yecla)

Mount Arabí is a mountainous area located in the municipality of Yecla in the province of Murcia. Its altitude is 1068 meters above sea level.

The most remarkable natural values ​​of the Arabí are the important and unique geomorphological formations forged by physical and chemical weathering. The result is a characteristic honeycomb pattern. In addition to a karst modeling, forming lapiaces, chasms and caves, such as the Cueva del Tesoro and the Cueva de la Horadada.

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