Hayedo de Montejo beech forest

Hayedo de Montejo beech forest

  • Region: Madrid
  • Declared a protected area: 1974
  • Park surface area: 250 hectares
  • Towns and villages: Montejo de la Sierra

The hayedo Montejo beech forest is located on the slopes of the Sierra de Ayllón and is protected as a Natural Site of National Interest. It is a site of Community Importance (SCI) of Alto Lozoya and is also included within the limits of the the Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve.

The forest represents the remains of the Central European deciduous vegetation in Spain and is one of the most studied in the Iberian Peninsula. Extensive research programmes have been under way in the beech forest in recent decades to monitor the evolution of the trees of which there are more than 120,000 and around 40,000 are beech.

Among the huge beech trees, with some over 20 meters high, you can also find oak, wild cherry, hazelnut, birch, holly, heather and rowan. Some of the iconic beech specimens have even been named such as la Primera (the first), el Trono (the throne), la Ancla the (the anchor) but perhaps the most admired is la Roca (the rock) which is aged at more than 250 years.

The forest is a haven for many insects, birds and other animals and nearly 100 species of butterfly have been recorded in the area.

Access to the Hayedo de Montejo beech forest is strictly restricted and authorization is required. (See information centres below)

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Information Centres

Centro de información de la reserva de la biosphera Sierra del Rincon

This is the main information centre for the area known as the Sierra del Rincon biosphere reserve and they also coordinate the entrance permits for the Hayedo beech forest.

A visit to the beech forest is free and is guided. Dogs are not allowed (unless they are registered for the blind or partially sighted).

Centro de información de la reserva de la biosphera Sierra del Rincon - Hayedo de Montejo beech forest
Centro de información de la reserva de la biosphera Sierra del Rincon – Hayedo de Montejo beech forest

There is a permanent exhibition covering an introduction to the Sierra del Rincón (its nature, landscapes, culture, customs and gastronomy). There are two large rooms with information, exhibition panels, videos and a scale model of the area

  • Address:C/Real, 64. Montejo de la Sierra
  • Hours: Open every day 9.30 a 15.00
  • Tel: 91 869 70 58
  • Email: info.reservabiosfera@sierradelrincon.org

Reserving a visit to the Hayedo de Montejo beech forest

The best way to do this is ask your hotel or other accomodation as many have direct access to the reservation system. Alternatively you can reserve online at the official website or at the aforementioned information centre.

Reservationes here: http://www.sierradelrincon.org/reservas.html

The forest is closed to the general public on Mondays

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