Wildlife walking holidays - Sierra de Grazalema

November – EARLY WINTER – Landscapes, Spanish Ibex, wintering and resident birds.

On a clear, crisp day the rewards are high in the mountains. Walking along a narrow path surrounded by mature trees, you will be steadily gaining in height, take a moment to look back over the valleys and white villages, now scattered beneath. The vistas will have you stopping at every turn to breathe them in. Above is an array of rugged peaks and grazing on the slopes, camouflaged amongst the rocks and shrubs, are Spanish Ibex. The males are standing proud as the test begins to see which one will become head of the herd. Read more about the Sierra de Grazalema here: https://grazalemaguide.com/blog/the-sierra-de-grazalema-natural-park/

Some of the trees which edge the lower pastures; Pomegranate, Quince, Almond and Walnut, plus those which grow on the mountain slopes; Strawberry tree and Sloe have ripening fruit which will be used in the local cuisine.

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