Located near Tarifa in Andalucia, and putting you right at the epicentre of birding in The Strait of Gibraltar, with Inglorious Bustards you can experience the incredible event of bird migration.

Fly-away Birding Breaks in association with Huerta Grande Rural Eco-lodge

I think that this incentive from Simon and Niki running their Fly-away Birding Breaks from Inglorious Bustards is amazing… 3 days of nature with people who “know their patch”!

Over an introductory afternoon and two full days of birding, we’ll use our local knowledge of weather conditions, up-to-the-minute wildlife information – and of course your personal pace requirements and wishlist! – to bring you the very best of the area’s summer birding. The itinerary will vary accordingly, but whatever your preferred birding level, with the Inglorious Bustards you can expect passion, knowledge, patience, laughs, outstanding birding and wildlife spectacles, and legendary picnics!

Dates are available until 31 August 2020

If you enjoy amazing wildlife spectacles where adventure meets relaxation and fun, then you have found the right place at Inglorious Bustards. 🙂

Click the link to go straight to their website to find out more about the Fly-away Birding Breaks

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