Finding wildlife photography hides in Spain

Finding wildlife photography hides in Spain

Discover the best hide photography opportunities in Spain with our guide to wildlife photography hides. These popular photo hides offer the chance to capture stunning shots of Spain’s most iconic wildlife species, from the comfort of a small, exclusive hide. With capacities for just 2-4 people, reservations are essential to secure your spot. Prices for a day’s photography typically range from €80-€150, with some peak times costing up to €300.

The Campanarios de Azaba Biological Reserve

One of the finest places to visit in Spain, The Campanarios de Azaba Biological Reserve has excellent accommodation and spectacular hides to keep birding photographers and wildlife enthusiasts very happy! Nestled in the picturesque province of Salamanca, close to the border with Portugal, this enchanting haven offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonders of unspoiled Mediterranean forests, lush meadows, and thriving ecosystems. Read more here:

Check out the accommodation here
Zoo of the Pyrenees

If you are travelling in the region of the Catalan Pyreneees then not far from The Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park (Catalan: Parc Natural del Cadí-Moixeró) you will find the Fundació Zoo del Pirineu.

Here you can photograph a variety of animals in their natural Pyrenean environment at a refuge that rehabilitates local wildlife. Learn about the animals from a wildlife expert in a private photography session. Click the below image for more information and reservations.

  • Take stunning up-close photographs of wildlife in a natural environment
  • Admire magnificent owls, eagles and hawks in their home in Pyrenees
  • Enjoy a personalized session photographing the animals you want to see
  • Learn about the animals and their care from a wildlife expert
  • Encounter a wide variety of mammals and birds of prey local to the region

Address: Fundació Zoo del Pirineu. Ctra. L-401, km 35,6, 25283 Odèn / Lleida, Cataluña / España

Finding wildlife photography hides in Spain

When booking a hide, it’s important to follow strict guidelines to protect the wildlife and their habitat. You’ll be required to remain inside the hide during your reserved time slot, but many hides offer amenities like toilets, beds, and power supply for your convenience.

  1. Photo Logistics Spain Wildlife Hide Database

This site holds a fantastic selection of hides across Spain with a search system for species, location and time of year. There are over 50 hides available with good descriptions and an easy contact form. This really is the place to start if you are searching for a specific species to photograph in Spain. All the main birds of prey, iconic mammals, steppe and high mountain birds, rivers and lakes are included:

  1. Birding in Spain (Catalonia)

Birding in Spain run by Steve West & Florinda Vidal have developed a variety of hides depending on your target species. Hides include little bustard and plains birds hides, the Bonelli’s eagle hide, the lesser kestrel hide, the pool hide, the lammergeier hides, the Egyptian vulture hide and the raptor Hide:

  1. Wild Andalucía Wildlife Photography Hides (Ronda, Cordoba)

Wild Andalucía aims to supply delightful experiences southern Spain has to offer in hide rental and workshops. With us you’ll photograph some of our most iconic species in a respectful and ethical way. Wild Andalucia also run a 6-day tour of bird photography at professional hides in inland Andalusia (Ronda and Cordoba):

  1. Spain photo hides (El Barraco, Avila)

Led by proffessional bird photographers, Spain photo hides have created a network of modern and comfortable nature observatories integrated in the field. These hides offer the possibility of photographing the most emblematic bird species of Iberian fauna.

Bird photo hides at their very best specializing in Golden eagle, Spanish imperial eagle, black vulture, booted eagle, barn owl, lesser kestrel along with hides located at water sources:

  1. Hides de Calera Lynx and Raptor Photography (Toledo, Castilla la Mancha)

Seven days organised guided trip with five hides visited covering Iberian lynx, Spanish imperial eagle, Goshawk, steppe raptors and iconic mammals such as Egyptian mongoose. Other hides and day hides available in other areas:

  1. The Photo Hide Network (Andalucia, Extremadura)

With a hide in the Sierra Morena in Andalucia (Alpasin) and two in Extremadura (La Parilla and las Viñas), this company can help you get the best out of a wildlife hide photography visit to Spain. Iconic raptors and mammals of southern and central Spain:

  1. Turia Hides (Valencia)

This company offers wildlife photography hides in the province of Valencia and surrounding areas. They build their own hides in order to offer the optimum conditions to obtain world-class wildlife photographs. The expert team includes experienced wildlife photographers and birders, ensuring every detail affords clients the utmost comfort while they take stunning photographs:

  1. La Sabina Bird Photography (Montsonís, Lleida)

Steppe birds such as little bustard, bee-eater, lesser kestrel, stone curlew. Bonelli’s eagle and other birds of prey plus Carrion-eaters (vultures, lammergeyer, egyptian vulture and kites). All tours include photo sessions, accommodation in rural establishments in double rooms, picnic during photo sessions-, transportation to hides, permits and insurance:

  1. Valencia Birding Bird photography Hides (Valencia)

Valencia Birding have organised tailor-made guided bird watching day-trips, breaks and holidays for individuals, couples and small groups since 2011. They have a range of bird photography hide trips including Bonelli´s Eagle, Crag Dwelling Passerines, Golden Eagle, Griffon Vulture and Mediterranean Passerines:

  1. Vultour Naturaleza´s Hides (Segovia)

Located in a priviliged enviroment, near Hoces del Río Duratón Natural Park and the SPA and SCI Lagoons of Cantalejo. Well preserved areas, with an abundance of birds and different types of habitats allowing the provision of a wide range of hides and species to photograph. Photographic opportunities can be found in the Little Owl Hide, Juniperus Forest Hide, Bee-eater Hide, Common Buzzard Hide, Scavenger Hide, Lagoons Hide, Stalking to Photograph Larks, Pine Forest Hide, Moorland Hide and Golden Eagle Hide:

Wildmoral wildlife tours

For those seeking a closer connection with nature, Wildmoral also provide a selection of photography hides. These hides offer a unique opportunity to capture unforgettable moments and take photographs of the wildlife. read more here:

The best companies providing wildlife photography hides in Spain:

  • Bird photography hides in Spain
  • Iberian lynx photography tour
  • Lammergeier hide in Spain
  • Bearded vulture hide Spain
  • Griffon vulture hide Spain
  • Hide photography in Spain
  • Cantabrian bear photography
  • Iberian wolf photography.

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