The River Vero Cultural Park

The River Vero Cultural Park

The River Vero Cultural Park is a unique space known for its cultural and natural value. This is evident in its nature, landscape, history, art, tradition and dynamism of its inhabitants. It was created in 2001 and includes the towns and villages of Bárcabo, Colungo, Alquézar, Adahuesca, Santa María de Dulcis, Pozán de Vero, Azara, Castillazuelo and Barbastro.

Discover the villages and stunning scenery of Aragón. This is perfect territory for a road trip staying one or two nights in selected villages and towns of the Aragonese Pyrenese.

The area is situated in the centre of the Huesca province (Aragon) and centred around the River Vero, a tributary of the Cinca River. From the north to the south, this river connects the pre-Pyrenean mountainous areas with the gentle reliefs and Mediterranean landscape of the Somontano, a geographical location in the Ebro depression.

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The northern zone of the park is integrated into the Natural Protected Space of the Sierra de Guara Natural Park. (Read more here).

The River Vero Cultural Park is a living territory. Landscapes dotted with small villages with marked personalities, next to the mouth of the River Vero and the city of Barbastro. The centres are diverse in the sense of size, location, and volume of and materials used in the constructions. The bell towers have a unique profile and are inseparable from the urban landscape.

The northern villages are adapted to the topography and were strategically positioned at a defensive level during the Middle Ages. This resulted in compact urban centres, with an organic growth outwards from the church, or the main fortress, if there was one.

In the central and southern areas the geographical conditions are more favourable, which permits the streets to be wider and straighter, with a less compact layout and more orderly growth.

More information on the official website of the The River Vero Cultural Park

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