Bearded Vulture - Gypaetus barbatus - Quebrantahuesos

Bearded Vultures in Tinença de Benifassà Natural Park

Fantastic news to see that the re introduction project in Spain has become so successful over the last few years with three more Bearded Vulture in Tinença de Benifassà Natural Park using the hacking method this week.

The hacking method involves releasing chicks that hatched in captivity at an artificial nest in suitable habitat to acclimatize to the natural environment for the coming weeks before they take their first flights. With this technique, the nestlings can associate the place where they are released with the area of hatching so that when they reach breeding age, which is around 8-10 years old, they select these places to breed. When Bearded Vultures are young, they tend to travel vast distances and explore new regions, but once they become sexually mature, they tend to select areas close to where they hatched to breed.

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