Beetles and Bugs in Spain

Beetles and Bugs in Spain

Beetles and bugs are classified Coleoptera (beetles) and Hemiptera (bugs). There are literally thousands upon thousands of species of these fascinating little creatures that have an important role in the bio diveristy of the natural world.

Some common bugs include aphids, cicadas, water striders, stinkbugs and spittlebugs. (The above image is of the bugs canthophorus melanopterus nymphs in a large group)

Beetles include ladybird, oil, rhinocerous and dung.

Differences between beetles and bugs?

Bugs eat a liquid diet of nectar, sap or animal fluids. Their beak-like mouthparts inject digestive chemicals into whatever the bug is dining upon and as the chemicals break down the food, it is turned into a liquid that the bug can drink.

Unlike bugs, beetles possess chewing mouthparts to eat anything from fallen leaves and dung to your grandmothers favorite armchair, rotting wood or the roof beams in your house!.

The change from juvenile to adult is also different between these two groups of insects. Bugs undergo an incomplete metamorphosis which means the juveniles resemble the adults on a smaller scale. Beetles however, undergo a complete metamorphosis with the larvae (normally living in the ground) pupating into the adult stage.


  • Red-striped Oil Beetle – Berberomeloe majalis – Aceitera These large beetles tend to be localized and can often be seen in groups in the spring if the habitat is favourable. They live on sandy soils with mixed grasses and sparse scrub in woods and orchards or more open terrain.
  • The Spanish fly beetle, also known as the blister beetle or Lytta vesicatoria, is a species of beetle that has gained notoriety due to its historical use as an aphrodisiac.


Insects in Spain

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