Giant orchid with cut flower spike

Cutting wild flowers in Spain

Lets start by saying that Cutting wild flowers in Spain is illegal. Not only illegal, it is selfish and a very stupid thing to do.

Such a shame that a beautiful giant orchid that my children have been watching grow with fascination over the last few weeks has been cut and removed by someone who presumably wanted a “pretty flower” in a vase on their kitchen table. Sigh!

Just don’t do it people!

Read more about the Giant orchid and other orchids in Spain here:

Gian orchid in Spain
The Giant orchid flowers as early as January in Spain. This is the before picture.
Giant orchid with cut flower spike
The same giant orchid with the flower removed

If we could just fix the small ignorant and selfish things like cutting wild flowers in Spain that the human race does then imagine what the bigger picture would look like?

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