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Wildside holidays won a web award!

Pretty good news this month in that the Wildside Holidays website has won for the category “Walking Tours of the Year – Spain” in the 2022/23 Corporate live wire Prestige Web Awards. Its nice to be recognised for sustainability and our efforts to promote environmentally walking and wildlife holidays across Spain. We get a banner for the website but most importantly a bit of press coverage and links from the relevant websites which is always good for more site traffic.

About Wildside Holidays:

Wildside Holidays on You Tube

Recently we created a YouTube channel for Wildside Holidays as there seem to be so many people that have some fantastic nature videos. The idea is to create a catalogue of wildlife, scenery and cultural clips organized into categories such as bugs and beasties, birds, mammals, reptiles, views etc (just like the Iberia Nature Forum). These videos will point to relevant websites for more information.

If you have any clips or videos that you would like to submit, just email me or leave a comment and we’ll get it published straight away. Maybe you’ve got some videos already on facebook or other social media that could also be published on the new YouTube channel? Let me know!

Site traffic continues to grow

Last month the homepage of Wildside Holidays reached 30.000 search impressions and over 3000 clicks. When we include all of the dedicated wildlife and natural park pages we have almost reached 100,000 impressions and 10,000 clicks over the last 28 days. Content is king on the internet, it always has been and it always will be, meaning that the quality content published on Wildside Holidays is reflected in these impressive search stats.

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