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Phil & Anna have been living in the Pyrenees for over 12 years and love the culture, wildlife and mountains there. They run Hike Pyrenees, which organises guided and self guided hiking holidays in the Pyrenees and other areas of Spain.

During this awful coronavirus lockdown here in Spain everything is shut and tourist related business have suffered greatly. Hotels are closed and we are not allowed to walk the beautiful hills, valleys and mountains of Spain. This been especially hard for us wildlife guides! But, I have to say, the guys at Hike Pyrenees haven’t wasted a minute. Their blog is packed with new articles Pyrenees and some of the fascinating flora, fauna and history of the area. There is even a downloadable coloring book to keep the kids happy and learning about the wildlife of the area!

Read more by clicking the link below and remember, local guides are the best! 🙂

The fantastic blog of Hike Pyrenees! flora, fauna and history of the area.

Hike Pyrenees S.L. is a licensed travel agent and tour operator in Spain. CIF B22379200, travel agency CAA305, Turismo Activo TA-HU-0308

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