Blue-spot Hairstreak - Satyrium spini - Mancha azul

Blue-spot Hairstreak – Satyrium spini – Mancha azul

  • Family: Lycaenidae
  • Scientific name: Satyrium spini
  • English common name: Blue-spot Hairstreak
  • Spanish common name: Mancha azul

The Blue-spot Hairstreak – Satyrium spini – Mancha azul is a fairly small butterfly that rarely shows its upperwing. The under wings are grey / brown in colour with a white line running through both fore and hind wings. At the rear edge of the hind wing is a blue spot which gives it the common name, above this is usually a line of orange marks edged with black, gradually getting smaller. There are two short tails.

Blue-spot Hairstreak - Satyrium spini - Mancha azul

The caterpillars of this species grow up to 1.5cm, they are green, covered in tiny hairs and wider at the head, tapering off towards the tail.

  • Wing size: 34-36mm
  • Altitude: Sea level to 2000m
  • Flight time: May-July
  • Over-wintering: Caterpillar
  • Caterpillar food plant: Rhamnus sp, Prunus spinosa, Prunus domestica
  • Distribution: Most of Europe

Similar species

False Ilex Hairstreak – Satyrium esculi has no blue spot at the hindwings, the white lines are not as defined with a dotted line on the forewings and a broken line on the hindwings.

Butterflies of Iberia
These are included in the list of butterflies in Andalusia.
Images taken in Andalucia, Southern Spain. (Grazalema)

Further reading

Some excellent images at the Spanish website Biodiversidad Virtual with location and other data. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Anterior (back) or siguiente (forward) to see more images of the Blue-spot Hairstreak – Satyrium spini – Mancha azul

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