Grazalema - The Sierra de Grazalema

December – CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – Red berried mistletoe, Spanish Ibex, resident / wintering birds and landscapes.

A fine way to close the year is to enjoy the fresh air and the views from a mountainside, surrounded by a fabulous natural park, with distant views towards the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic coastline. Above there will be soaring Griffon vultures, and perhaps chattering Red-billed choughs.

The plant life will be verdant, trees laden with berries, ideal food for wintering birds. Mistletoe is a favourite decoration in the UK during the festive season, here the berries are not white, but a lovely red! Decorative blooms of winter flowering Clematis are laced amidst the red hawthorn berries and the first Broad-leaved irises show their bright colours.

The dominant male Ibex will be surveying his herd, having battled for the privilege he can stand proudly on a rocky outcrop above them. The herd will perhaps be grazing on the shrubs and grasses, sunbathing in a comfy spot, or nimbly crossing through and over the rocks.