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The Laguna de Gallocanta

Without a doubt, one of the most distinctive living elements of the Laguna de Gallocanta are the birds, especially the striking flocks of common cranes that rest and feed here during the course of their migratory trips.

The vast majority of the European crane population moving on the western migratory route use Gallocanta as a feeding and resting area. Over 100,000 cranes have been counted in a single day (02/24/2011) and its normal for 40,000 to 60,000 individuals to be present during an average migratory season.

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El Torcal protected area

  • Andalucia – Malaga province – Near Antequera

The dramatic and fascinating landscape of the El Torcal protected area is entrancing. Natural erosion has cut valleys and pathways through this enormous rock garden and created erratic sculptures in the process. Thin layers of rock stacked like pancakes are pinned down by massive blocks and this seemingly inhospitable terrain is host to many specialist rock loving plants.

This ‘Paraje Natural’ covers some 20 square kilometres of protected area and was first recognised for its singularity in 1929. The highest point in El Torcal is Camorro Alto at 1.378m above sea level.

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